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Friday, January 11, 2019

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Time-Management Is The Great Business Tool When Used Properly

Time-Management Is The Great Business Tool When Used Properly

Ranem Magazine :Time-Management Is The Great Business Tool When Used Properly
Ranem Magazine :Time-Management Is The Great Business Tool When Used Properly

Here is the joke. A man is like a thread ball. If you hold him weakly, he unravels. If you tie him, then he runs away. The same thing happens with workers in businesses.

Different companies use time management techniques to control their workers’ work time differently. There are the SOOW (scientific organization of work), specifications, etc. What schedule should be chosen for employees: rigid or flexible? The worker’s efficiency depends more on how they take care of business than from whether they come on an hour earlier or later.

Let’s first understand how time management really can help to your organization.

The bad thing that often happens is when the company uses time management to tie people up.
They toughen the people to the work schedule, raise standards, etc. Usually they assign the project completion time spontaneously and make workers struggle.

Very often it is impossible to complete the project on time. People start to complain. The project’s due day is postponed. Sometimes people work overtime and complete the project on time, and then they get assigned to the next project with an even more tied schedule.

Some companies use some time control tools to record all workers’ activities through the day. For example: they force employees to keep track of everything that they did within the working day. First of all: it drives everybody crazy and second: it takes away time for constant recording of what has been accomplished. You can use time control but only for a short time. That information can be used later to set a correct estimate for future projects.

So, how to use time management methods wisely?

Ranem Magazine :Time-Management Is The Great Business Tool When Used Properly
Ranem Magazine :Time-Management Is The Great Business Tool When Used Properly
First of all, it is better to start with a system analysis of the entire organization, to find out where time flows away and find those reserves which can be used. For example: use a secretary to take all calls and eliminate unnecessary ones, also the secretary can filter all mail that the office receives. Just this can save a lot of time for people in the office in general.

Secondly, find where the weakest part is in the organization. Usually, it is in the department where unexpected situations constantly happen and it delays all work in the company.
Thirdly, analyze and find the 20% of business that brings in 80% of profit, then make that direction mandatory and try to adjust your business around it.

Fourthly, develop a business manual to simplify everything that is possible; create templates for every form and blanks that you use in business, instructions that contain the answers to your common business questions. Train your employees.

There are some more interesting and practical methods :

I am sure you heard the Japanese system that is called Kaizen. That system consists of five simple steps:

1. Inventory: get rid of all unnecessary documents.
2. Keep everything in order: Define a place for each thing in your office.
3. Keep the workplace clean.
4. Standardize business procedures to keep everything clean and in order.
5. Always look to improve order in your office. Support it.

Some people can say that it is impossible to do this in real life. This is not true. There are already many companies, especially in the USA that have successfully implemented this method.

But these kinds of methods you can only implement from top to bottom and they can really reduce the time loss in business.

If a person stops wasting time on unnecessary things in the office, just because of that he automatically does work more quickly. Especially when all standard operations are automated. When everybody can find everything easily and quickly, everybody knows who and for what is in charge. The atmosphere in the office becomes very friendly and productivity goes up.

The Kaizen system has some limitations. What is good for an assemble line maybe not be practical for some professions like designers, advertisers, singers, actors, etc. In those professions it is important to find a balance between absolute order and the creative disorder.

If the personnel do not see the benefits of any innovations in the office, then they will critically perceive all innovations, even if they can really improve business. Every worker must understand the benefits of the new system for the business and himself.

If a person realizes that he doesn’t need to be afraid, if because he by accident he once forgets about some issue, he won’t be punished, he will work much better and love all new innovations in the office.

But if productivity rises and workers get more new responsibilities it is important to find a way to reward them for that. So make sure you have some reward system on hand.

What kind of schedule is better - rigid or flexible, where and why? 

If there is a creative type job then you need to make a special decision. If the worker can work independently and can use modern systems of communications then he may have a flexible schedule. You estimate his job by the end result.

If the job needs teamwork and the business demands close interaction between various employees and departments - a rigid schedule will be in place. In this case, when everyone is in the office, it speeds up the work.

Between those opposite methods there are a lot of varied methods too. It could be that some workers are working in a flexible schedule and the rest of the firm by the rigid one.

I believe that it all depends on the business nature. What is good working for one company will be a killer for another. It is like: if you need an accountant to be in the office all the time, you won’t hire an accountant that prefers working a couple days from home.

Time management can improve and raise the work efficiency in the office but can also make the workplace more comfortable, nice, and pleasant. True efficiency is when people work with pleasure, feel their importance, and receive fair compensation. I am talking not just material but moral, as well.

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