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Ten Golden Rules Of A Successful Career

Ten Golden Rules Of A Successful Career

Ten Golden Rules Of A Successful Career
Ten Golden Rules Of A Successful Career

If you are an ambitious person then those rules will be very valuable to you. They are useful to any level of career. As we go through all of these rules try to find the ways that you can use them in your career.

1. Specialize in a very narrow area; develop your own methods of work in this area:

Specialization is one of the greatest and universal rules of life. The small business that cannot find the niche in the market is doomed to death. The individual, who is not the expert in his business, is doomed to be the slave that is living on the salary.
High life standards are possible just because of better specialization.

2. Find a special niche, in which you will work with pleasure, exceed others, and wait for a chance to become the recognized leader in this area:

Specialization demands a very cautious system. If your niche is very narrow then you have chosen it very carefully. Specialize in an area that is interesting to you and pleasant for you to work in. Today it is possible to turn almost any hobby, interest, or knowledge into a business.

3. Remember, the force is in the knowledge:

The knowledge is the main thing when you are trying to build a career. You must know more in your area of business more than anybody else. Then you will be able to turn your knowledge into money, build demand for this knowledge, and have clients.  It’s not enough to know a lot about something, though.  You must know much more about this something than anybody else. Don’t stop in learning and expanding your knowledge until you know more than any other person in your niche.

 4. Define the market and potential clients and offer them the best service:

Your market is those people who can pay for your knowledge. Your main clients or the client should become people or firms that are better then others that can appreciate your labor and can provide you with a lot of well paid work. It doesn’t mater whether it’s a hired worker, a private businessman, a big or small employer, or even the president of the country; you still must have clients who depend their business on you, no mater what level you started.

5. Define, where 20% of effort will give you 80% of profit:

In every area of business, 80% of people achieve only 20% of success and 20% of people receive 80% of profit. What does the majority do wrong and minority do properly? Can you take what they do and do it better? On what corporations in your area of business make offensively great profits? Who from your colleagues receive the highest reward and at the same time never work hard and have plenty of time for fun? How do they do that? Think, think, and think. The answer is somewhere close, you only should find it.

Ten Golden Rules Of A Successful Career
Ten Golden Rules Of A Successful Career

6. Learn from the best experts:

In any area of business, the most successful people would never think or act as ordinary people do. Those people never talk about their secrets of success. But we can learn about their secrets just by watching them. Find any chance to spend time with them. Try to find out all about their secrets of success. If you cannot do the same as they do or something different from stereotypes of your work then you never succeed.

7. Start work for yourself from the beginning of your career:

In your schedule, prefer to work on tasks that are at least five times more important than others. In an ideal situation, to which you must aspire already in the beginning of your career, you must benefit from results of all your work. If your job in corporation or business gives you the knowledge that you need, than benefits from this training can compensate your low salary.  This works for experts too, if they are going to work for a company that has higher technology and standards than where they work before.

8. Hire only people that bring you profit:

Using other people’s labors is the greatest source of profit. Up to a certain level you can have help from people that aren’t working for you, your friends and relatives. However, you can get direct and full profit from people whom you hire to do the job. Of course, net profit will bring you only workers that produce much more than they cost.

9. Give a way work that is not your specialty:

The most successful professional businesses are those that do what they can do the best and don’t waste time on things that others can do for them. If they specialize in research and inventory than they use the third party businesses for manufacture, advertising, and sale. If they are experts in manufacturing expensive, unique goods for elites, they are never going on the regular market.

10. Use available capital as source to make extra profit:

Making profit by using your capital means using money to get a surplus value. For example: purchase equipment to replace human work, or get new distribution software that makes processing more efficient. Actually, use your capital to improve your business in every possible way.

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